Great Loop: Prohibition & Ghosts in Savannah

Day 43: March 1, 2023

On the 2nd day in Savannah, it was time to be a tourist. We did a self-guided walking tour around the historic area. But only after we had a snack at the local Parisian Cafe of course. As with many towns in the country, we stumbled upon my hometown fire hydrant. Good old Clow Foundry from Oskaloosa.

We strolled thru the cemetery to see all the old historic citizens of Savannah. And there are a good number that make the history books. It seems to be common that when Tonia, Emily, and I are together we find very old cemeteries. I think they are trying to tell me something.

Fountain at Forsyth Park


What? That’s not a thing on the Great Loop! But Savannah does have a museum dedicated to the amendments that instituted and repealed prohibition. We opted for the guided tour to get the full experience and our guide was pretty entertaining.

At the end they made us a few ‘bootleg’ drinks common during Prohibition. One option was a glass of moonshine and a beer chaser. It wasn’t the best drink we’ve tried.

Waving girl

Savannah used to have a girl that waved to all the ships as they entered and left the harbor. The story goes that she did not miss a ship in 44 years. Waving a handkerchief in the day and a lantern at night.


The tourist day was rounded out by a ghost tour. We think we may have caught some photos touched by apparitions. Spooky!

Sexy cat and dessert

The group that still had some pep decided dessert was in order. So, we followed Emily for a late-night jaunt across the historic area to have some fancy libations and decadent treats on her last night with us all. What better place to go than Better Than Sex? Next door to the restaurant was a cat cafe. In true form for the evening, it sported a real-live sexy cat posing in the window for us.

The restaurant was neat. May be better for a date than perhaps a group like ours but we still had fun with it. The electronic menus offered up provocative drink and dessert titles and descriptions. The waiter was a bit over the top with the innuendos yet, overall, a great time. The key lime pie was the best of the trip. So far…

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