Great Loop: Getting the band back together in Savannah

Day 42: February 28, 2023


We rolled into Savannah and reunited with our long-lost boat mate SteveO on Coda. Steve and his sister Barbara backtracked from Charleston to meet up with us. We were supposed to meet up in Florida, but Steve voyaged ahead to spend some quality time with his kids earlier this year.

Also waiting for us in Savannah was our good friends Jeff and Norma. They made the trek over from their home in Atlanta.

After a safe arrival beverage on the boat, it was time to continue the reunion at Wet Willies. Nothing like wings and a great alcohol-infused slushies.

After some grub and drinks, the gals went for a stroll along the waterfront to check out the shops and sights. The guys went back to the boats for, um, a nap? There were lots of fun shops where some immediate purchases (like the guys’ shirts above) were made. There were shops to try out southern-style pralines and sweet and savory cookies. The Marriott was cool as it was renovated from the old, abandoned power plant. The super-large atrium had humungous, person-sized geodes and fossil replicas as well as lots of other cool art. Even if you can’t stay there, it was neat to walk through to check out.

That night Emily decided we were going bar hopping. We did hit up two of the rooftop bars. First up was Top Deck with a chill vibe and great view. Next was the Electric Moon, which was pretty cool. Norma went with the fancy lighted glass, and they have a slide to quickly get to the lower lounge area! Jeff and I had to try it out!

Day 42 Trip Details:
Liberty County, US to Savannah, US
Time: 6 h 4 m (06:48 to 12:53)
Distance: 45.80 nm

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