Great Loop: Going Bananas in Savannah

Day 44: March 2, 2023

It’s Bananas! BA-NA-NA-S!

We started out the day early taking Emily to the airport. It was sad to see her leave as we had a really great time with her.

We technically boated today though just from downtown Savannah to another suburban marina. We got off the dock about 10am and did the quick 1.5-hour trip over to the Thunderbolt Marina.

Once the boats were settled in, we headed out to the local Mexican Grill Jalapenos. It was a chill afternoon with Tonia working and us all waiting for the event that Boris had been talking about for at least six months: The Savannah Bananas!

Who are the Savannah Bananas you ask? The Bananas and their opponent The Party Animals are exhibition baseball teams that play “Banana Ball“. It’s baseball with some unique rules that make it extra fun to watch. The MLB could take a few of them to spice up their league. Just saying.

If you ever get a chance to see a game, do it! They do travel around the country so check if they come to a stadium near you.

The players (above) by 1st and 3rd bases were “frozen” the entire game in a face off. The other teams would mess with both of them but they didn’t budge from their stare off the entire game and until well after it ended!

Below are a few video highlights. Enjoy!

Day 44 Trip Details:
Savannah, US to Thunderbolt, US
Time: 1 h 26 m (09:55 to 11:22)
Distance: 9.24 nm

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