Warm Springs Bay

August 4, 2021

A foggy morning! The kayak had 3 inches of water in it from overnight rain.

After a two-hour jaunt further south, we anchored in Warm Springs Bay. You probably guessed that there is a hot spring nearby given the name. They have a public float, but you have to get there at the exact right time to get a spot and we missed it. It took a few hours to get our courage up to head out in rain to the dock by dinghy.

Once on shore, the path has a lot of tree coverage, so it didn’t seem like it was raining, as much. A charter group was just setting off and all the private bath houses were occupied so we started up the trail to the outdoor pools. The path starts nice with wooded bridges and walkways, which turns to planks and then just to mud and roots. Only the last part of the hike gave us issue but we were at the springs so no turning back.

We enjoyed a nice soak in hot, warm, and cool pools – the cooler pool was next to the waterfall just below the hot springs.

Afterwards, Steve headed back to the boat while the other three of us trekked the little ways further up to the freshwater lake. It was worth the view.

Thankfully, Steve came back for us and we gunkholed around the bay for a bit in the dinghy as the rain picked up. A fun experience indeed!

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