Red Bluff Bay

August 5, 2021

On our voyage today we were treated with dolphins playing in front of our bow and our bow wake. What a thrill to see them swim and dart so fast from one side to the other!

When we came up to the Red Bluff Bay entrance, it was quickly obvious how it got its name.

Coming into the bay was very scenic. We wound our way back thru the bay and went between the small islands along the way viewing another majestic waterfall plus many waterfalls up in the surrounding mountains. It was breathtaking!

We took a dinghy ride around the bay and checked out the stream leading into the end of the bay. Steve and Barbara made their way up the stream while the two of us walked a bit along the edge. We saw another boat’s charter guests had been ashore so there were other human track as well as bear tracks!

We had a delicious dinner of homemade minestrone and jalapeño cheese bread. YUM!

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