Takatz Bay, Bears!

August 3, 2021

Today’s stop was Takatz Bay. This is a popular anchorage and there were two large charter boats and four other boats in the area. It’s popular because of the wildlife. After kayaking for 20 minutes or so we spotted two bears and went a little closer check them out. We ran into a slight problem in the process. The area we were kayaking through was getting really shallow with the outgoing tide and we started getting caught up on the growth and sandbar. That’s when we realized the bear on shore could just run over to us if it wanted to. Luckily, it was focused on watching the other bear and didn’t really look our way too much. It did stand up on its hind legs a couple times for a better view of the other bear. It then took off running across this group of birds out into the stream meeting the bay and then swam across to the peninsula across from us. Phew. (Sorry, best pics we could get with cell phone from a distance in a kayak!)

Brown bear keeps looking back to right at second bear in the distance
Bear running through birds and swimming across stream entrance and along shore

The bear then spent the next hour ambling along the shore and stopping to eat grass and berries. We coasted along slowly and watched it go on its journey. As it reached the boats, Steve had put in his dinghy in the water so we jumped in and took a tour. We took the dinghy way up into the stream as far as we could before the rapids and saw a large amount of salmon swimming by here and there. The water was so blue and clear, tho no bears to be seen now.

Dinghied up the stream (where the bears were before). The water color was amazing.

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