Glacier Bay: Margerie Glacier in Tarr Inlet

July 19, 2021

The plan for the day was to head up to the Tarr Inlet and anchor for lunch and exploration. We had set this plan after talking to the Ticket to Ride crew that told us we could anchor, dinghy in, and setup lawn chairs to watch the glacier calving.

We did a brief exploration on the nearby shore so the kids could play around the icebergs that had got trapped when the tide went out. One of Michael’s main highlights for the entire trip was eating glacier ice.

Michael saw Matt break off the left wing of this glacier so made an attempt as well…

We then dinghied over to a shore area that was very close to the glacier to set up watch. On the way, WE SAW PUFFINS!

The glacier was calving pretty regularly, and we saw a large chuck spew down and shoot off the side. The sound coming from the cracking ice is crazy and so much louder than we expected.

Caught a bit of the iceberg calving!

It was a great afternoon watching the glacier.

We then retired to the boats and decided to stay for the night as the area was calm with a gorgeous sunset view over the glacier. The tides did change a bit bringing some mini-bergs to lodge between the rafted boats. After some finagling, we rigged the double kayak between the two bows to detour bergs from going between the hulls. Worked like a charm and we slept soundly after that!

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