Glacier Bay: Geikie Inlet – Shag Cove

July 18, 2021

Today was a rest and explore day as we waited for Coda to make its way into the park on their permit starting today. Coda arrived just in time for coffee! Surely Boris & Mayli were thankful as coffee on SI is a bit (uh, completely) lacking. Worst hosts ever! 😉

We spent a few hours of the morning fishing. Since we were at 70-90 feet at our anchorage depending on tide, I thought maybe it was a good place for halibut. And it didn’t disappoint. We got many bites and pulled up a decent size halibut to feed all of us for dinner and we still put over half in the freezer. We also caught a couple pacific cods but didn’t end up keeping them as they were pretty small. We would have fished a little more but cleaning one bigger fish on Coda was enough mess for one day. Ticket to Ride also threw in a pole and caught a halibut that didn’t fit in their net.

We pulled down the double kayak and took turns paddling around the cove. Just when Annette and Tonia were headed off, we shouted and pointed to shore. There was a black bear!

We spent an hour running around Geikie Inlet on the dinghy and would have explored more but it started to rain and we called it an afternoon. We did see many momma otters holding their babies watching us intently as we passed (we kept good distance so as not to disturb them).

After dinner and a delicious raspberry cake with ice cream, the Ticket to Ride crew came over for happy hour and good conversation. The Capt Steve Manhattans were flowing with the newly restocked supply courtesy Norma & Jeff.


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