Glacier Bay: Muir Inlet

July 17, 2021

What to say about Muir Inlet? It’s pretty and has great scenery. However, we noticed that the tour boats aren’t in the area. The reason? Compared to the rest of Glacier Bay it lacks some of the draw that perhaps it used to hold with the glaciers receding quite a bit in recent years.

Tonia had to gently but firmly extract a starfish out of the anchor chain as it came up…this starfish already had two short legs so perhaps had pulled this stunt before?

We spent the day motoring up and back. Took in the sites and had lunch outside where the glacier used to be.

About two-thirds up there is an offshoot of the inlet that goes to the McBride Glacier. We didn’t have the right tides to go in, so we just opted to look from afar and head on to the night’s anchorage.

The anchorage for the night was Shag Cove inside of the Geikie Inlet. We anchored in 75 feet of water that turned to 90 when the tide came. The wind was a little strong when we arrived but then calmed to nothing and we had a peaceful night.

Another boat joined us in the cove, and low and behold, it was Ticket to Ride – the boat we met in Tracy Arm that Barbara and Liz did the polar plunge with.

Ticket to Ride @ Shag Cove

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