Glacier Bay: Johns Hopkins Glacier/Inlet & Blue Mouse Cove

July 20, 2021

More glaciers! Who woulda thunk in Glacier Bay! We trekked from Margerie to the Johns Hopkins Inlet to see the glacier there. We rafted up and floated outside the range of the floating ice to have some lunch. Tonia and Mayli went for a kayak ride to get a closer look at the mini bergs. It sounded like Rice Krispies crackling when sitting among the small melting ice chunks. Also caught glimpse of a seal that perhaps dozed off on the floating hunk of ice and got further away from the glacier base where there were many more seals in the protected seal habitat.

We passed Lamplugh and Reid Glaciers as we went to/from Johns Hopkins Inlet/Glacier.

Lamplugh Glacier

Reid Glacier

Johns Hopkins Glacier

Johns Hopkins Glacier seal habitat (zoomed-in pic shows all the lumps on ice are seals!)

Kayaking @ Johns Hopkins

We anchored for the night in Blue Mouse Cove. Steve took Tonia, Mayli and kids for a dinghy ride around the cove.

Some fun pics from the day:

The Three Captains
Blue Mouse Cove sunset

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