Queen Charlotte Strait, Cape Caution, and the Ocean Crossing

June 16, 2021

The great news is the ocean crossing was uneventful! It was a very long day and most of the photos are from long distances.

We traveled across the Queen Charlotte Strait, around Cape Caution, and ended the day just north of Bella Bella in Cavin Cove. The odometer said we traveled 99.5 miles and we clocked in just shy of 12 hours. The waves were a little rolly polly during the crossing but thankfully didn’t have any possessions thrown about. Overall, a great, but long, day.

Voyage Info:

Patrician Cove to Cavin Cove
Time: 11 h 54 m ( 06:33 to 18:28 )
Distance: 99.56 nm

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