Leaving Bella Bella, Finlayson Channel and Kutze Inlet

June 17, 2021

This could also be titled “Waterfall Day” as we encountered many today. Tonia was napping when we came up to the first one and almost missed it. Christian, Liz and I were up by the helm when we heard Tonia exclaim. “What! You weren’t going to wake me up for the first waterfall!” Luckily she was up in time to see it and many others that followed.

The day was overcast and raining most of it so the pictures have a mostly gray filter.

We spent the night in Kutze Inlet by a waterfall. But not “the” waterfall as we didn’t go all the way to the back of the inlet.


Voyage Info:

Cavin Cove to Kutze Inlet
Time: 8 h 43 m ( 07:15 to 15:59 )
Distance: 67.82 nm

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