Johnstone Straits and the Whale Show


Got up and had the morning coffee at Barista Steve’s. We departed around 8:30 am so we could get the favorable current in Johnstone Straits.

On the way out we had a great photo op of a bald eagle on the shore. Christian also had the drone out and got some great shots.


As we approached the end of Johnstone Straits, Coda called on the radio and said some humpback whales where on the port side ahead.  They were really active, and we got a great show. 

Liz and Christian commenting on the whales!

After the show we continued up to just south of Port Hardy for the night.  We stayed in Patrician Cove and an eagle and deer were on the shore providing us some great scenery. 

Voyage Info:

Small Inlet to Patrician Cove
Time: 11 h 18 m ( 07:50 to 19:08 )
Distance: 91.32 nm

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