Early Early Early, Whales and a Beautiful Cove

June 14, 2021

We made it out at 3:30 am as planned. Apart from 30 minutes of the trip, the weather window was perfect and the Strait of Georgia was smooth sailing.

A lunch stop was made just outside of Seymour Narrows, so we didn’t hit it at full flood tide. Plus, we had been cruising for 8 hours by then. Lunch was chili with fixings and cornbread along with homemade apple lemon rhubarb crumble and apple, ginger, pecan crumble for dessert. We were stuffed!

We departed the lunch anchorage around 1:30 pm and went thru the narrows. It was great timing as a pod of Orcas were going thru in the opposite direction. Great photo opportunity!

Orcas in Seymour Narrows

At lunch we decided that we already had a long day and the tide in Johnstone Straits would be against us all afternoon, so we stopped about 45 minutes later in Small Inlet inside Kanish Bay (pic at top of post). It was warm and made for a great resting place. The wind did pick up as we expected but calmed down by mid evening.

A great 13-hour cruising day! It allowed for some good drone flight testing.

Tonia preparing to anchor

Voyage Info:

Northwest Bay to Small Inlet
Time: 12 h 4 m ( 03:23 to 15:28 )
Distance: 83.86 nm

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