Wind, Waves, Water and Rest Day

June 13, 2021

We were all up early after a good night’s sleep. Did wake up now and then overnight to check the anchor and listen to the storm passing. It started up at 3 am just as the advisory predicted. The winds were out of the southeast and the anchorage was great for that direction, so we were well protected.

Seals on the log pond
Storm passing thru

The weather map said there might be a window in the morning, so we decided to start getting ready. We grabbed a quick coffee from the master Steve and started out. As we entered the Strait of Georgia the waves started, and we decided to call it after about 20 mins. Had a few items shift but not quite the severity that we saw on Friday.

As we anchored the water system decided that one of the fittings needed to go and it sprung a leak. It’s the old school plastic water pipes so not a total shock but not something we expected. It did manage to empty most of the fresh-water tank into the bilge. Looks like we’re going to get a good test on the water maker now.

The rest of the plan today is rest so we can get up early. The weather is supposed to be calm between 3:30 to 11 am so we want to get up past the strait and into more protected waters.

Captain Steve!

Voyage Info:

Northwest Bay to Northwest Bay
Time: 2 h 35 m ( 06:19 to 08:55 )
Distance: 8.55 nm

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