Mexico 2022: San Diego

January 31, 2022

Hola Amigos! I’ve signed on to do part 3 of the adventures with Captain Steve and Barbara on Coda. I’m calling it the search for Tacos and Margaritas. The insurance companies are dictating the plan as they are saying Coda must be in Costa Rica in June and cannot go thru the Panama Canal until November 1. That will make getting to Florida by Christmas a little tight and Captain Steve will have decisions to make after going thru the canal. I’m trying to convince him that we should do 6 months in the Caribbean after we do the great loop. But we’ll see.

I finished a few last-minute errands and did the final packing to fly down to San Diego. The errands were basically getting my yearly physical. I did so little running in 2021 due to all the boating that main comment by my Doctor was you gained a few pounds and you should fix that. 

After the errands and packing was completed, I loaded up the car and picked up Tonia so she could drive me to the airport. Hopefully she can find a replacement for her job soon so she can start joining on these adventures. The flight down was nice, and I was met at the airport by Captain Steve. He took us over to Uncle Gary’s house for a nice sendoff meal.  I even got to see Captain Steve’s childhood home.

It was a wonderful dinner a great start to the trip.

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