Big Left Turn: Crescent City & The Redwoods

September 30, 2021

A storm picked up off the coast and therefore we’ve planned to spend a few days in Crescent City. That will give us some time to explore. It will also give me time to take a flight up to Seattle for the weekend and attend the Queen City Commodore’s ball.

Our friends Gary and Noelle from Illimite recommended an activity. Renting bikes and going to the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park.  The company, Redwood Rides, dropped off some bikes around 11 AM and we rode towards the park.

The hill leading into the park was a killer and we ended up walking most of it. Once in the park, the views were gorgeous. The road was narrow and wound thru the trees. We rode in as far as the Boy Scout Tree Trail. That was about 5 miles from the marina.

After a bit of lunch, we decided to hike the trail. The trail said it was 2.8 miles and ended in a waterfall. Hmm, it was actually 3.2 and ended in a trickle that came down a rock. I guess I was spoiled by all the huge waterfalls in Canada and Alaska. Almost to the end of the trail is the actual Boy Scout Tree. The tree is ginormous. The hike was worth it just for the trees and scenery.

Once back from hiking, we remounted the bikes and headed back. The return trip thru the park was not as bad for elevation but still a challenge. On the huge hill down out of the park Steve lost brakes and it took us a bit of time to get back. He has a lot less tread on his shoes.

Overall, a fun day!

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