Leaving Ketchikan & Alaska: Heading to Canada! Will they let us in??

August 11, 2021

Goodbye, again, Ketchikan!

We were greeted with sunshine shortly after our 5:45am departure. What a welcome sight!

There were some “nice” swells (translate to Tonia doesn’t enjoy them but they weren’t all that bad really) across the Dixon Crossing though things smoothed out again after that. When Tonia was at the helm, she was treated to dolphins crossing the bow a couple times. They are quite quick and elusive!

Out of a 30-second video, captured about a few seconds of the dolphin sightings (pared-down version)

Our Canada border crossing went smoothly as we had our vaccines and negative COVID tests all in order. They did ask some of the other standard questions, like our entire bar stock inventory, and called to clarify Matt’s name prior to stopping by our boat for the check-in.

Scenes from the last bits of Alaska…

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