Ketchikan (8/9-8/10)

August 9, 2021

We made our way from Snug Harbor Bar Harbor to Ketchikan in about 6 hours’ time. This time City Dock did not have space for both of us so we moored at the Bar Harbor. This actually worked out well as it was near reprovisioning stores, closer to the airport shuttle for Barbara, and in walking distance of the COVID testing site, which we needed for entry into Canada this time around.

After getting settled in and doing some reprovisioning, we decided to go out for dinner before Barbara left the next day. There was a nearby Italian-Mexican restaurant to satisfy a range of culinary desires! The cocktails were tasty! Can you guess which drink is whose?

August 10, 2021

The morning of the 10th saw us saying our goodbyes to the lovely Barbara and wishing her safe travels back to San Diego. We should be seeing her again soon though in early September.

Next, it was off to get our COVID test to meet the requirement for the Canada border. We were early and a few cars were already in the drive-up line so we opted to grab breakfast across the street to stay out of the rain. We’d hoped the line would go down quickly once the testing site opened up, but not really. So we stood in line waiting our turn amongst the cars and a few other walkups. At least the rain had stopped! We did meet two other couples – Mark & Karen from S/V Chaos and Noel & Gary from S/V Illimité – during the 2.5 hours to get tested and get our negative results. They too needed theirs to get into Canada.

Afterwards, we headed back to the boats for a break and to tackle chores. Then we headed the ~1 mile to downtown for some last Alaska souvenir shopping and dinner.

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