Juneau (7/10-7/11)

July 10

After our wonderful stints at Fords Terror and Tracy Arm, it was time to head to Juneau for a crew change (both sad and happy times). We would have so many more videos of Christian’s drone footage but our connection barely allows us to upload photos so we’ll have to do a video montage page at the end of the trip… stay tuned!

Goodbye to No Name Bay

We found a slip in Harris Harbor near downtown, got settled in, and then headed to town. We found Norma & Jeff on the way to the first stop, Red Dog Saloon, for duck fart shots and some quick bites.

We ate a quick dinner at the Alaska Fish & Chips Company before Christian & Liz had to scramble to make their flight. There was some worry of luggage weight overage with the many souvenirs bought but they were under the limit and made their flight back to Seattle for a week to transition to their Sweden trip. They were most excellent crew!

Liz: bestest boson, stew, deckhand! Safe travels!

July 11

The next day we spent the morning reprovisioning and then in the afternoon took the sky tram up Mount Roberts to take in the view of Juneau and more. Norma treated us to beverages and fish and chips while we took in the sights. We checked out the large gift shop and visitor center. On the walk back, we took a pic with the Juneau sign thanks to some friendly Wisconsinites (tell your folks I says hi!) and walked the boardwalk to Roma upon a recommendation for some tasty pizza and lasagna.

Ah, Tracy’s… seen but will have to wait for another visit… šŸ˜‰
Random boat w/ cool name

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