Tracy Arm and the Sawyer Glacier

July 9, 2021

We heard many good things about the Tracy Arm, so we decided to take a full day to explore it. The day was overcast and misty. There were many more waterfalls along the way running down the steep hillsides to the green-blue water dotted with floating icebergs flowing down the arm from the glacier. We reached the end with the Sawyer Glacier and its deep blue hues and craggy peaks. There were many seals dotting the floating ice at the bottom of the glacier. It was truly awe-inspiring to see and photos again don’t seem to do it justice.


A nice treat was when Coda saddled up with fenders down to hand over a hot cup of cocoa for Tonia who stood in the rain on the bow with her beverage keeping her warm. Couldn’t have it any better!

Perfect Dilettante Hot Cocoa Courtesy Capt Steve

Christian got some nice drone footage of a nearby boat at the glacier so Liz took the plunge and called the boat, Ticket to Ride, on the radio. They caught the hail and provided an email address to send shots to. However, it turns out that they were in the bay we anchored in for the night and we waved them over when on their dinghy ride to grab some iceberg chunks. Frank & Mary Grace along with their son and Hawaii guests Eric & Amelia then invited our group for a polar plunge. There was some hesitation though Liz and Barbara were ultimately in! Liz may have had the shortest stint in the water (last in, first out) but she did it! And Barbara jumped in twice! They must have impressed the Ticket to Ride group as they came by later with crew shirts for their boat for Liz and Barbara. They were both thrilled. (Side note: Ticket to Ride’s name is based on the Beattle’s song, not the board game. 😉)

Enjoy these views!

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