Wind and Smugglers Cove (6/29-6/30)

June 29, 2021

Today was a day off to catch up on laundry, chill out, and shrimp off the back of the boat.

Caught about dozen shrimp from back of boat in marina…but not on this pull! Christian trying to coax the crab off the trap!

June 30, 2021

With all of Steve’s family traveling back to the lower 48, it was time to depart Ketchikan. Liz and Tonia went on a quick excursion to the Tongass Totem Museum to learn the history of totem poles in the Southern Alaska. It was quite interesting.

In honor of the G Pod ’21

The wind was not cooperative in the low 20 knots when we started our journey north. As we got into the Clarence Strait, the waves also picked up and we briefly joined the Alaska Space Program with a few moments of low gravity. We decided to abandon the float plan for the day and head for protection in Smugglers Cove on the south side of Cleaveland Peninsula. It was a beautiful and much calmer space to anchor. We did get to see whales so that certainly made the detour worthwhile (though pics never really do the experience justice).

After getting settled in we got out the kayaks and checked out the shore. Some nice people left a swing and we poked around. Tonia is frustrated with the lack of recycling in Alaska but that didn’t stop her from doing a beach cleanup while on shore. Much more garbage washed ashore than one would have thought for a remote island!

Smugglers Cove sunset taken @ 10:24pm
Panoramic view of cove entrance taken @ 2:50am [July 1st morning] – lots of light out w/ nearly full moon

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