Fishing with Chick Charters!

June 28, 2021

Today was fishing day. We made arrangements with Capt. Sandra of Chick Charters to go out on a full-day charter. The morning was scheduled for salmon fishing and the afternoon for halibut. Capt. Sandra started the morning by setting the lines and then calling her pet eagle. Ok, it’s not her pet but it comes to her when called to get a free meal.

Capt. Sandra took no crap from the crew, and we were, um, quickly whipped into shape. Pole up, pole down, no lip ripping. So many rules. I was promoted to net duty after pulling in a nice king salmon.

We pulled in 11 salmon over the morning and there were at least 7 more that got away. The worst was a large king salmon that tangled in the downrigger line and manage to break free. Capt. Sandra was not happy with me for that mishap!

The afternoon was a little rougher as the halibut are farther out in the open water this time of year. After pulling in one good-sized halibut, we snagged a dog fish. For some reason me and dog fish have a sordid history. Then the wind really picked up and the waves began to get unmanageable, so we called it a day.

If you’re ever in Ketchikan and want to go fishing, we would highly recommend Chick Charters! She caters to families and women so it’s a great time for anyone that wants to give charter fishing a shot. We enjoyed a delicious fresh salmon dinner that night prepared by Steve and sides by Barbara and Tonia.

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