Ketchikan (6/20-6/23)

June 20, 2021

Our final day of boating before reaching port was just under 6 hours, thankfully! We were all ready at this point to get our sea legs on land again! We arrived to Ketchikan, AK, and we stopped for fuel for the first time after Roche Harbor filling up with 426 gallons (still had about ~170 gallons in the reserves). Maddie, our fuel dock helper, was super nice and gave us some tips for restaurants and sites, saying to check out the town as the local businesses are hurting without the regular seasonal cruise ships that are still on hold until late July. We docked around 1 pm and after securing boats, we headed to town for lunch at Ketchikan Crab & Grille enjoying a meal we didn’t have to cook. Oddly, the restaurant hails from Florida!

All settled in in Ketchikan
Ketchikan Crab & Grille
Southernmost Point sign in Alaska?

After lunch, we checked out town walking by some live music on the dock and popping into a few stores on the way. Store options were a little limited as many are closed on Sundays &/or Mondays here. There was surprise cruise ship, the American Constellation, that also came into port. It was a smaller cruise vessel as the current limit is 250 passengers. We also saw a National Geographic cruise ship that looked like it was awaiting passengers to arrive.

Fun Fact: Ketchikan’s driest month is wetter than Seattle’s wettest month!

We also stocked up on provisions walking a mile to Safeway though we took the Sourdough cab back as we’d loaded up a bit too much to carry back!

June 21, 2021

Started off the day with Jellyfish Donuts provided by Christian & Liz. YUM! They made the donuts to order for toppings.

Mmmm Donuts
Jellyfish Donuts selfie (sorry Top Pot!)

Today was laid back with some more ambling around town and general hijinks. 😉

Watch out Christian!
Liz incorporating into a totem pose

We did happy hour/early dinner at the 108 Burger joint, which had tasty fried cheese curds for these native Midwesterners along with three aioli options (Erika would be jealous).

June 22, 2021

We checked out Creek Street, which is built up primarily on stilts along a salmon run, the Ketchikan Creek. There are establishments that used to be brothels and such but now converted to shops featuring local Alaskan artists, except one that’s Dolly’s museum for a well-known lady of the era. We saw some wildlife too – a seal and cat.

Bad-ass Liz
Who’s way?
Christian’s smiling and in a pic!

June 23, 2021

Went for run and played Clank. Reprovisioned for the weekend.

Totems in lot near marina by grocery/marine store

Voyage Info:

Foggy Bay to Ketchikan
Time: 5 h 53 m ( 08:20 to 14:13 )
Distance: 35.93 nm

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