Alaska! and Foggy Bay

June 19, 2021

We left Kumealon Inlet and exited Grenville Channel to take on the last leg of Canada and enter back into the U.S. and Alaska. We bypassed Canadian port Prince Rupert and crossed the last of the open waters with the ocean to our left/port side. Most of the day was pretty calm and easy going though the last couple hours on the open seas were progressively more rocky with bigger swells. We made it through and reached Foggy Bay, the first anchorage spot in Alaska after checking in with U.S. customs by phone (they let us all back in!). We were greeted with our first bear sighting, a black bear on the shoreline in front of us!

Black bear meandering along the shore
Christian taking the stern line over to shore

The crew were all tired after a nearly 11-hour boating day yet we still had to secure anchorage. Christian volunteered to help Coda anchor and stern tie to shore. He kayaked the stern line to shore (not near the bear sighting) to tie to a tree and then we rafted off of Coda. Only a minor injury slipping on the precarious and slippery rocks.

Tonia & Liz enjoying Safe Arrival Drinks in sunny Alaska

Once secured, a dinghy ride followed to greet No Regrets, a boat also moored in Foggy Bay that had been shadowing us along our route ever since the Strait of Juan de Fuca in WA.

Patriotic Captain Steve
Foggy Bay Sunset

Voyage Info:

Kumealon Inlet To Foggy Bay
Time: 10 h 53 m ( 07:51 to 18:45 )
Distance: 79.18 nm

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