Big Left Turn

Big Left Turn: Crescent City & The Redwoods

September 30, 2021 A storm picked up off the coast and therefore we’ve planned to spend a few days in Crescent City. That will give us some time to explore. It will also give me time to take a flight up to Seattle for the weekend and attend the Queen City Commodore‚Äôs ball. Our friends … Continue reading

Big Left Turn: Breaking & Down to Crescent City

September 29, 2021 We were up bright and early. The weather, and more importantly the wave forecast, was favorable for the time window we needed to get down to Crescent City. Steve and I decided we needed to scope out the bar conditions in person. High tide was at 8 am so we headed out … Continue reading

Big Left Turn: Gold Beach

September 27, 2021 The weather forecast turned out of favor with us and 11 of the 12 bars on the coast are closed. That is river bars, not alcohol bars. Looks like it will be a few days before the next window allows us to leave. The first order of business for today was getting … Continue reading

Big Left Turn: Down to Coos Bay

September 24-25, 2021 The next leg of the trip was from Astoria to Coos Bay. A 20+ hour scheduled journey. Our second overnight test. We made good time throughout the night, mostly due to Steve deciding to burn a bit more fuel to raise the bow and smooth out the ride. Therefore, we got to … Continue reading

Alaska 2021

Coupeville to Seattle – Last Day!

September 2, 2021 A kind of weird day. This is the last day of our 84-day adventure. We had a bit of time in the morning as the tide was low dockside and we wanted to have a few more feet of water under the boat to take off. We had planned to get coffee … Continue reading

La Conner to Coupeville

September 1, 2021 Spent a wonderful morning walking around La Conner so we could see the shops while they were open. Started off the stroll by stopping by the Reclamation Candle Company & Coffee Bar. Tonia saw they had sipping chocolate and we try it out! Good but still doesn’t compare to Barista Steve’s! After … Continue reading

Sucia to La Conner

August 31, 2021 There was more hiking to be done on Sucia so we loaded up in the dinghy and headed to shore. Today’s hike was the one out to Ewing Cove. It’s a great little hike that takes you to the northeast point of the island. Tonia was on the lookout for starfish as … Continue reading

Sucia Island: China Caves & Echo Bay

August 30, 2021 The previous day we promised Mayli & Boris’ son Michael that we would hike with him to explore the China Caves. This is something we had done with him a few years ago and it’s still his favorite thing in the San Juan Islands. We set of from Fossil Bay and hiked … Continue reading

Turn Point Lighthouse & Back to Sucia: Fossil Bay

August 29, 2021 We started the day by finding a new crew member camped out on our kayak. A seal decided that flipping our kayak over made a great resting place. In the morning we did the Turn Point Lighthouse hike before boating to Sucia. Boris and Mayli also joined in the fun. Partway into … Continue reading