Great Loop: Charleston

Days 52-56: March 10-14, 2023

California Dreams

We voyaged into Charleston in the afternoon. Given our anchor woes the last few days the Hodaks decided to anchor separately. Steve was already anchored when we arrived, and I took the easy option and rafted on him. Tonia was on a work call and thus I did it single handed. After her meeting she came up to have lunch on Coda and couldn’t figure out why Saga looked different. Took her a quick minute to realize we were rafted to Coda and not Saga. It was very amusing.

That night we decided to check out the nearest restaurant called California Dreaming. It was mostly due to proximity and them having a dinghy dock that led to the choice. But it was a great decision. They had amazing food. Best on the loop so far.

That night we also had a great sunset. Sunsets never get old.

On day two Saga headed into the dock to meet up with some old friends. We ran some project errands, checked out the marina (with a very organized dock plan), and then met up for Sangria Saturday happy hour on Saga.

A little commotion in the neighborhood

The next morning over coffee we noticed some Coast Guard activity going on. There was a sailboat that seemed to have been tied up to posts alongside the bridge, which isn’t typically allowed as it blocks transiting and, well, you just don’t tie up to bridges. We watched the Coast Guard boat relocate the sailboat and anchor it out of the way. Shortly thereafter, the two bridges opened for a boat to pass through.

Relaxing Day

Tonia, Barbara, and I went out in search of pizza. We found a candidate and headed that way. The place was called “Toast! All Day.” Turns out they have wood-fired pizza on the menu but discontinued it many months ago. Oh well, they also had pitchers of peach bellini. I may have ordered two and got Tonia and Barbara a little bit loopy. Ha Ha Ha.

The outing was cut short when Steve messaged that we were swinging closer to other boats, and he was going to the dock. The message was basically “get your butt back here and move”. We didn’t slip anchor, but the area was tight and had a lot of derelict vessels. One sailboat tenant was pretty vocal that we were too close. The marina had enough space, so we cruised over a day early.

Dinner that night was at the Blind Tiger. We had a friendly Uber driver who gave us the rundown of the celebs with homes nearby in Charleston, like Darius Rucker, Bill Murray, and Dan Marino. The driver even had a list of restaurants and sights that tourists could take a quick photo of for suggestions of where to go.

Arrival of Jason and the boys

Tonia’s brother Jason and our nephews Austin and Brantley flew in to visit. They arrived later in the day so not much to report as it was a work and prep day. Just excitement to have them visit.

The next day we decided to head over to Patriots Point and check out the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown and the destroyer USS Laffey. The kids were so-so on the adventure though troopers overall. I had a good time exploring the ships and seeing how the sailors lived and worked. Jason got to see what the dental setup would be on the ship too.

When the exploring was over, we walked over to the closest restaurant. It was the Charleston Harbor Fish House. They were running a great burger and beer special. The burger was pretty tasty. Which is saying something for a fish house. I’d have to say I’ve eaten a lot of fish on this trip, and it was nice to eat something different.

Indoor trampoline park

After lunch, we met up with the Hodak kids to play at the indoor activity center. We’d find out later this would be a (or “the”) favorite part of our nephews’ trip. They had some massage chairs so Jason could get some relaxation in on his vacay too. Tonia and Mayli went next door briefly to check out the gluten-free cookie options – always on the lookout for a goodie for Annette.

Last night in Charleston

We got back to the boats for a quick breather. Then decided it was time to find some dinner as it was getting too late to make something. We found a restaurant that would take our large party of ten and while waiting for the reservation, the kids played some football in the park by the water. It had a cool pineapple fountain and spectacular views.

Dinner was at Hyman’s restaurant. The hushpuppies passed out while waiting for our table were a hit. The restaurant had a long history and seemed to have been frequented by many celebs. It seems the Beach Boys sat at our table!

While the adults finished their beverages, Jason and Tonia took the boys next door to Peace Pie for ice cream sandwiches. They had your standard “pie” flavors like pecan pie, which was yummy, and chocolate mint. They also had some interesting combos, like “The Elvis” featuring chocolate ice cream, banana butter and peanut butter chiffon sandwiched between chocolate cookies, which Tonia had to try out.

Day 52 Trip Details:
Colleton County, US to Charleston, US
Time: 4 h 50 m (06:58 to 11:48)
Distance: 35.24 nm

Day 54 Trip Details:
Charleston, US to Charleston, US
Time: 0 h 36 m (14:24 to 15:00)
Distance: 0.51 nm

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  1. I am finally with the program and following- great pics and thank you for the all important food updates! 😁 Safe travels!


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