Great Loop: The Journey Begins

Day 1: January 18,2003

That’s right! We have begun our Great Loop Journey. Exactly two weeks after picking our boat up from Tarpon Springs, we completed the maiden loop voyage on our new boat “Lil Sudden” — a play on name Sudden Inspiration.

It was a short hop from Cape Coral to the Franklin Lock. While the plan all along was to stay around the locks for the night, we didn’t have a choice when we found out they were closed for maintenance. Guess I gotta get back in the habit of reading the notices again. 😊

Looking forward to the next year traveling with MV Saga ( and MV Coda ( as we complete this ~6000-mile adventure around the US and Canada, with a side trip to the Bahamas to start the trip.

The last four months have been a roller coaster with buying a boat, Hurricane Ian, and doing the final preparations. More on that in future posts!

Day 1 Trip Details:

Cape Coral, US to Alva, US
Time: 3 h 26 m ( 12:05 to 15:32 )
Distance: 21.69 nm

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