Mexico 2022: San Quintin

February 5, 2022

San Quintin is one of the places the Olsson clan would boat to as kids. It was also the farthest south they ventured. Steve’s parents had a good relationship with the owners of the Old Mill. Steve and Barbara remember the banana tortillas they would make in the small restaurant off the hotel.

The charts in the area are very limited so we decided to dinghy into the area versus try to take in Coda. It was quite a ways in. Just inside the inlet we saw a couple of gray whales swimming around and stopped to watch them for a bit. Onward around the corner we arrived at what was basically the town.  It was a motel with restaurant and then a few other restaurants that were closed. There was a group of American’s staying at the motel that were there for duck or goose hunting. We had heard some shots earlier in the morning and it turns out it was them out hunting. They were also walking around trying to see if the local store was open.  It was supposed to be open but wasn’t.

As we walked back along the road a car pulled in the store opened. Guess they local open times give for a buffer of 30 minutes or so. Since we were there, we went in to check it out. It was basically a small market that would translate to a convenience store in our world. We picked up a few Gatorades for hydration and walked back towards the Old Mill.

While walking there was a group on horseback that trotted by. Horses seam to be a common thing round here as I saw some in Ensenada as well.

At the Old Mill there is a decent restaurant called Eucalyptus. It was basically a breakfast joint. As Steve is always looking for omelets we went in and had a nice meal. I ordered eggs with ham, and it was tasty.  The ham was basically two pieces of deli meat rolled up so that was odd, and the meal came with refried beans and potatoes. I also had to sample the breakfast sangria to see what it was all about. It came out layered and looked cool.

After breakfast, we walked around a little bit and by then it was noon and the other restaurant in the area was open. Since we needed to see everything, we stopped by for a beer and a shrimp taco. Well, we thought we ordered a shrimp taco, but it turned out to be a shrimp quesadilla. Which if you go by the tortilla, shrimp, cheese concept it’s pretty much the same, right? At this point we’d had two meals in an hour and a half and decided it was time to go back to the boat.

The rest of the day was a nice relaxing evening and we got in a few naps to round it out.

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