Red Bay

August 7, 2021

Saturday took us down the Sumner Strait to Red Bay. We need to be in Ketchikan on August 9th as Barbara is planning to fly south on the 10th to tackle some work projects while we transit back thru Canada. That gives us three days to get there and it’s a 14-hour total trip.

The issue we have is the area is not the most conducive to what we want for time and so we’ll probably end up with 3-hour, 7-hour, and 4-hour days over the timeframe due to the geography and amicable anchor locations.

After our 3-hour day, we anchored in Red Bay, which just happened to have one other boat: Ticket to Ride! Frank & Mary Grace weren’t on their boat when we dinghied by so the four of us bopped around the bay to check it out. We followed a stream up a ways and found a bridge, perhaps not too unexpected on Prince of Wales Island, the third largest island in the U.S.

Funny enough, we saw someone standing on the end of the bridge just out of the photo on the right; we waved and went on our way. Turns out it was Mary Grace waiting for Frank to paddleboard back down the stream! Steve stopped by Ticket to Ride later when they’d returned from paddleboarding with an invite to happy hour and dinner. What a great evening with the two of them!

Ticket to Ride spoiled us with crew shirts!

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