Departed Sitka & the East Side of Baranof Island: Appleton Cove

August 1, 2021

We departed Sitka midmorning to start making our way back to Ketchikan and then south back to Washington. This meant going back through the Peril Strait, which we knew now was not so perilous. On the way, Inspiration hailed us so Tonia snapped a couple quick pics to email them along with some Sitka recommendations…that they got a day later when we had coverage again.

Inspiration making way to Sitka

We saw a little rock island covered in seals just before going through Peril Strait. Not the best photo at a moment’s notice but those “rock” lumps are seals on the left side.

We anchored in Appleton Cove and bumped into Docktails there. We enjoyed a nice happy hour with them before turning in for the night.

We got a little kayaking in before heading out the next morning. Barbara is a kayaking pro!

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