Sitka Bound (7/26-7/27)

July 26, 2021

We saw whales on the way out today as well as seals and eagles on the island outside Swanson Harbor.

Eva Islands

We stayed in a lovely inlet sheltered by the Eva Islands. Barbara and Tonia did some kayaking around the area and Matt got some drone footage of the boats and scenery.

July 27, 2021

Beehive Island Cove

The trip today took us thru Peril Strait, which was not as perilous as it would sound. We timed for slack tide at the Sergius Narrows but ended up going through about a half-hour early with no issues. There were other, larger boats waiting for the correct time, but we were too impatient.

After going through the channel, we saw whales again in the distance. They were pretty far off though. It never gets old to see the puff of water and chance to see more whales.

We anchored in Beehive Island Cove, a couple hours outside of Sitka, to make the next day’s journey an easy one. We decided to stern tie to account for the wake of the few larger boats, like the now-running cruise ships, that would cross through on the main channel. It turned out to be a great spot.

What’s with a fender on a kayak? Um, more trash Tonia made Matt pick up… saving the world one trashed fender at a time!

Early the next morning, we kayaked to the island to check out the wildlife of hermit and shore crabs aplenty! Saw a few fish dart around as well. Steve must have worried about us sleeping in so long (not our usual) but Barbara assured him we just fine, pointing out the kayak was not at our boat. We went in for morning beverages courtesy Barista Steve, and Tonia and Barbara went back out on the kayak at lower tide to see the hermit crabs and many starfish. Matt then pulled the stern tie and we were off.

Can you see the crabs in this photo? If they are hard to pick out, view the videos that follow.

Enjoy some little crabby videos:

The snails in this underwater pic are actually hermit crabs:

Tonia took off without giving Barbara an oar so she decided to relax to the fullest!

Drone photos of Beehive Island Cove:

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