July 14, 2021

Before we left Swanson Harbor, we pulled the crab trap and brought up three crabs, of which one was definitely a big keeper. Norma & Jeff enjoyed a lovely crab lunch for their anniversary. Cheers!

We put the dinghy down and went to see what was going on around Gustavus. There is a large ferry dock and a lot of mooring buoys out in the channel but didn’t see much else from Icy Passage. There was a river entrance that was kind of marked so we headed down that slowly and found a boat ramp and what the locals call the marina. I don’t think I’d venture into that marina on anything but the dinghy. After 30 minutes of exploring to see if we could get into town somehow and get milk, we gave it up and headed back to the anchorage.

The anchorage we did was off of Pleasant Island and somewhat in the middle of Icy Passage. It wasn’t rough at all but the current kept a good pace at all times and it gave the appearance we were underway.

There were otters everywhere!

Barbara’s delicious bean & sprout patties and lemon-zested dessert!

Happy Anniversary Dinner Jeff & Norma!
A little otter action…

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