No Name Cove

July 6, 2021

Today was primarily a transit day. We wanted to get up closer to Juneau and set ourselves up to see Fords Terror and Tracy Arm before Liz and Christian depart on the 10th.

It took us about eight and a half hours to make the journey. The wind was tolerable for the most part and we had a decent ride across Stephens Passage.

We saw whales multiple times during the voyage and had to stop once because a whale appeared out of nowhere 30 feet in front of the boat. Thankfully Liz called it quickly so we could avoid a collision! Another whale was giving a WWF smackdown show with multiple whacks of its tail in a row. Quite the sight to see!

This was the most popular cove/bay we’ve stayed in so far, likely since there are not many nearby options and it’s a great jumping off point to both Tracy Arm and Fords Terror.

Mini floating icebergs down Tracy Arm to our anchorage cove
Iceberg from overhead

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