July 4, 2021

The trip from Wrangell to Petersburg took us up the Wrangell Narrows. I’m not sure I’ve seen so many aids to navigation (ATON) in my life. It’s a great place to see every ATON in the navigation book. The narrows were pretty straightforward. There was a lot of traffic from smaller boats and we were lucky not to meet the ferry going thru. It traversed after we had docked at Petersburg.

We arrived mid afternoon and got to town in time to watch the egg toss and catch the end of the street fair activities. After a corndog for yours truly, we walked around a bit and headed over to watch the blindfolded rowing, log rolling, and herring toss. The rowing part took forever, and we all were getting tired and hungry so we headed back to the boats for dinner. Unfortunately, Petersburg had their fireworks on the 3rd as well so we called it an early night.

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